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730 Hibbard Rd., Wilmette IL 60091

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Paw Advocate

What is this?

Paw Advocate is a donation fund where all proceeds are used for veterinary services at Christensen Animal Hospital for patients who hold a good outcome for recovery.

Who benefits?

  • Referrals from certified non-profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organizations. (Examples may include, but not limited to Evanston C.A.R.E., Orphans of the Storm, Paws Chicago North Shore)
  • Strays brought to Christensen Animal Hospital by Wilmette or Lincolnwood Police.

Guidelines for Support

  • All patients must be examined by a Christensen Animal Hospital Pawdr prior to any assistance offers.
  • All treatments must be performed by Christensen Animal Hospital.
  • Patients considered must have a treatable condition with a good long term prognosis.

“It’s our desire to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care to our patients and offer the best possible service to our clients inspiring trust and confidence.

Paw Advocate Donation Suggestions:

  • In office check or cash donations
  • Check mailed to:
    Christensen Animal Hospital
    730 Hibbard Rd.
    Wilmette, IL 60091

    (Including note written on check for Paw Advocate)


1 – TEXT US:
(847) 892-1229 – (This may be the fastest way to communicate with us)

2 – CALL US  
(847) 251-2600 – (phone lines may be jammed during peak hours)

Please use the CONTACT FORM and we will get back to you in a timely manner.