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Pet Behavioral Problems

Behavioral problems are consistently cited among the top reasons that cats and dogs are relinquished or euthanized. Many animals will display changes in behavior secondary to medical problems. For example, inappropriate urination in a companion animal may be due to a urinary tract infection, bladder stones or tumors, stress, systemic imbalances, and other medical problems.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Your Dog and Cat Behavior Problems

Pet owners may struggle with behavior problems that are emotionally draining, frustrating, and at times even dangerous. The first step in the evaluation of any behavior change in your pet is a thorough history and physical evaluation at Christensen Animal Hospital to rule out any medical cause. We understand just how frustrating behavior problems can be no matter how great or small. Our veterinarians at Christensen Animal Hospital in Wilmette are trained to help identify, authenticate the problem and to help implement a behavioral modification plan that can work for both pets and family. We are well versed in the use of behavior drug therapy which may facilitate real change. This change can allow Owners to go back to what is most important- bonding with their pet.

We also partner with local and regional certified trainers, obedience schools and camps, and when appropriate refer to a board-certified veterinary behaviorist. Call Christensen Animal Hospital in Wilmette, IL at 847-251-2600 to begin solving your pet’s behavior problems.



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