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730 Hibbard Rd., Wilmette IL 60091

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In-House Laboratory Testing

We have a state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory.

Our in-hospital laboratory enables us to perform screening tests for your pets within a very short period of time. The faster we are able to diagnose your pet’s health issue, the faster we can treat it. Our laboratory is staffed by skilled, trained technicians and equipped with state of the art equipment, allowing us to perform:

  • Complete blood analysis, including tests for kidney and liver function, blood sugar, proteins and electrolytes, and red and white blood cell counts.
  • Urinalysis, including analysis for blood, protein, acidity, kidneys’ concentration ability, and a sediment check for crystals and abnormal cells.
  • Screening tests for Canine Parvovirus, and Feline Leukemia and FIV viruses.
  • Cytology examination of ear, skin, urine and blood specimen
  • Fungal cultures for possible ringworm
  • Fecal analysis for parasites by flotation

If your pet requires any specialized testing, we have relationships with excellent independent laboratory services that are capable of accurately performing any specialized tests your pet may need.


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