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Digital Radiology

Since our patients are unable to communicate their aches and pains, we must rely on advanced diagnostic tools to obtain an accurate diagnosis.  Radiography (x-ray) is still one of the most vital diagnostic tools available to assess bones, heart, lungs, and many other organs.  Radiography is important to track changes in chronic conditions, but also to aid in diagnose in acute illness such as heart failure, foreign body ingestion and gastric bloat.  Where conventional radiography (x-ray) taken on film fail;, our state of the art scil BLANK digital x-ray unit is equipped to help us make a fast, safe, and accurate diagnosis of your pet’s problem.

Our philosophy at Christensen Animal Hospital in Wilmette, IL is that the best service that any doctor can provide is a correct diagnosis  We feel so strongly about this, that we have invested in the very best veterinary equipment to help us do so.  The benefits of digital x-ray are far reaching.  Our x-ray unit produces high quality images that will increase the likelihood of accurate diagnosis.  Because  digital x-rays produce such superior images, our technicians are able to take fewer pictures in a shorter amount of time to produce the same diagnostic caliber images, which means less stress to your pet and less exposure to the x-rays themselves. Digital x-rays can be shared immediately for consultation with radiologists, surgeons, and other specialists in collaboration via the internet, or can be sent home with you on a CD or emailed to you at the time of your appointment.  

Digital x-ray does not require the chemicals, films, and fumes needed to produce traditional x-ray.  This leaves a much greener footprint on our surroundings. For more information call Christensen Animal Hospital in Wilmette at 847-251-2600.



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