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House Calls

Many of our patients love to come see us!  Lots of love, a scratch under the chin and some delicious treats- what’s not to love?!

However, despite our best efforts and yours, some of our patients do not love coming to see us.  For these pets, and for our aged and debilitated patients, often times a home visit is just what the doctor ordered.  At Christensen Animal Hospital in Wilmette, IL we offer house calls to fulfill a variety of different services including full physical examination, disease prevention ( vaccines and parasite control), blood draws, nail trims, and more.  

House Calls From Your Vet in Wilmette, IL

It has been our experience that many of our feline patients who would require sedation for a thorough examination at our hospital. do just fine without the need for any chemical restraint when on their home turf.  The difference is often quite amazing, and is so much less stressful on them and on you.  If your pet falls into one of the above categories, we urge you to consider a house call.  We would be happy to find a time that works with your schedule and send out a doctor and technician team right to your door. For more information call us today at 847-251-2600.



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